Thursday, May 6, 2010


I KNOW how God works. I've seen Him work in my life more times than I can count. So, why does it still seem to "blow my mind" when He does the amazing things? Let me tell you about the latest. . .

On 04-21-10 I 'tweeted' that I was FINALLY starting on my blog about my first time experience as a volunteer at an E-Women's conference. Well, that same day, the blogger for @EWomen asked me to keep her posted as she would love to link to it.

On 04-23-10 I posted my blog. I sent the link to @EWomen on twitter and also sent her the link by Facebook. Never heard anything from her.

In the meantime, it seemed that my plans for volunteering at the Birmingham conference were falling apart and I began to doubt if I was even supposed to be there. I started questioning myself, questioning God, trying to figure out how I could still make it. Also, at the back of my mind, I was thinking - well, if the lady that blogs for them read my blog about my experience and didn't think it was all that great, maybe I just don't need to be there anyway. Who do I think I can help? (I know it was the enemy attacking, but I'm just telling you all the thoughts that were going through my mind.)

On 04-28-10 I posted a comment on the EWomen's blog. Just asked her if she'd received the link I had sent her and, just in case she hadn't, I posted the link there also.

On 04-29-10 my car started making a HORRIBLE noise and I knew I was gonna have to get it checked out. So, on 05-01-10, I was on my way to leave my car at the shop. I still had all sorts of thoughts going through my head - maybe He just wants me to go to the conference in Birmingham by myself. See, my daughter and I had both signed up to volunteer, but then she had a conflict come up and can't go. FINALLY, I just prayed and said, "Lord, if you want me at that conference, YOU make the way. YOU show me how."

Well, Iguess you already know - that's all it took. Once I finally let go and let Him have it, He took over and took care of everything!

When I got back home from leaving my car at the shop, I saw where Mary (the EWomen blogger) had left a comment on my blog. She actually thought it was good! LOL

I sent her a message on facebook and asked her to please be in prayer for me. I told her about some of the things that had me doubting if I was supposed to be in Birmingham or not and just asked her to pray that He would show me what He wanted.

The next day, 05-02-10, she posted on facebook - "Next stop - Birmingham, AL! I hope to see you ALL there!" I noticed that there had been several comments already and I did something that I don't usually do. (Yes, I KNOW it was God 'nudging' me) I clicked to view all comments and began reading. I think it was about the third or fourth comment I came to - someone named Amber said she was gonna be there but was looking for someone to sit with. Kind of caught my attention, but I kept reading. Then I saw one left by a Milissa that was looking for a roommate. Well, I sent both Amber and Milissa messages just to see what would happen. VOILA! God at work for sure! Amber had not bought her ticket yet and was VERY interested in getting a free ticket. She agreed to take Jessica's spot volunteering - WOO HOO!!!! However, she lives too far away for me to be able to carpool with. That's okay - I'm just glad we found someone to fill in for Jessica and now Amber will have plenty of people to sit with! Then I heard from Milissa. Come to find out, she lives a couple hours away from me so I'll still have to do some driving, but I can drive to her house and then we can ride together from there. Thank You, Lord, FOR SURE cause I was REALLY dreading trying to drive in Birmingham! So, you see, once I LET GO AND LET GOD, He was able to work His plan.

Like I said, I've seen Him do so many things in my life and the lives of others, I should not be so amazed anymore. Then again, I think He likes it that I AM amazed every time. What do you think?

Looks like He wants to use me in Birmingham after all. So, I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your prayers. Please pray that I will continue to be willing to let Him use me in whatever way He wishes and, while you're praying for me, pray for all the speakers, musicians, singers, attendees and all other volunteers that will be in Birmingham on May 14 and 15. He is definitely setting me on a new path. It is exciting and scary all at the same time. I don't know what all He has planned for me, I just want to be sure I'm ready and willing to be in His will each and every day.

Love to all!